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Sale of Goods Act
13th May no. 27 1988 (Norway)
If the received goods are wrong or defected, the buyer can under certain conditions claim a number of deficiency remedies (eg withhold payment , correction, discount, refund, cancellation and replacement) according to § § 30 of the Sale of Goods Act . However, this requires that the buyer responds within a certain time limit. In case of consumer purchases the warranty period extends to two years after receiving the goods . If the goods or parts of the goods are supposed to last considerably longer than two years, the warranty period is extended to five years.
The seller must be notified within a reasonable time after the buyer discovered or should have discovered the defect. There are no formal requirements for the complaint, but for evidentiary reasons, the notification is given in writing. It should be stated in the notification (the complaint) which remedies the buyer would like to claim. For complaints caused by improper or defected products, the wholesaler shall bear all costs associated with the purchase, including the cost of return transportation.